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The HMUA is committed to providing the community with safe, clean drinking water and quality wastewater management, while maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING – NOVEMBER 12, 2019 October 11, 2019

NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:14B-23, the Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at the HMUA Administration Building, 424 Hurley Drive, Hackettstown, NJ, at 7:00 PM, to consider the adoption of changes to the water and sewer connection fees listed in Section VII of its Rules and Regulations.  Proposed changes are outlined below.

  • Water Connection Fee -$5,773 Per EDU
  • Sewer Connection Fee -$5,500 Per EDU

The proposed fee adjustments will be considered to become effective immediately upon approval of the HMUA Board following the public hearing.  The bases for the proposed Connection Fee changes are available for inspection at the HMUA Administration Building.

All interested persons are invited to attend the public hearing and to offer comment and pose questions to the person(s) offering evidence in support of the proposed actions.


                                          Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority

                                          Kathleen Corcoran, PE, PP, PMP, Executive Director


The following Resolution #19-3412 was proposed by Kunz, who moved its adoption: 

 WHEREAS, the mission of the Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority, having offices at 424 Hurley Drive, Hackettstown, NJ, 07840 is to provide safe, clean reliable and cost-effective drinking water and quality wastewater/sewage management services; and

WHEREAS, the Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority believes that the public has a right to vote on important community concerns such as the ownership of its water and sewerage systems; and

WHEREAS, the Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority believes that ratepayers of water and sewer systems should not be burdened with costs unrelated to the operation and maintenance of those systems; and

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 3870 and Assembly Bill 5391 eliminate the public referendum currently required for the sale of a sewerage system and so deprive the public of the opportunity to decide about the ownership and operation of one the most basic and important of local services; and

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 3870 and Assembly Bill 5391 permit approaches to valuation of a sewerage system that will unfairly inflate the sales price and burden ratepayers in the selling community and elsewhere in the State with paying for inflated cost; and

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 3870 and Assembly Bill 5391 tilt the playing field in favor of an investor-owned utility purchaser; and

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 3870 and Assembly Bill 5391 discourage municipalities from fully exploring the viability of other approaches to owning and maintaining a sewerage system that may be less burdensome to ratepayers, such as continuing to own and operate the sewerage system, regionalizing with other public units, entering into shared services agreements, or entering into a sales agreement with other public agencies such as authorities; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority calls upon all Members of the New Jersey Senate and Assembly to protect the best interests of ratepayers and preserve, for the public good, public ownership and operation of sewerage systems to vote “No” on S3870/A5391.

 This Resolution was seconded by John DiMaio and upon roll call vote carried:

 AYES               Kuster, Harper, John DiMaio, Kunz

NOES               None


ABSENT           Jerry DiMaio

I HEREBY CERTIFY that the forgoing is a true and accurate copy of a Resolution adopted by the Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority at its meeting on August 13, 2019.                                                     


Kathleen Corcoran, PE, PP, PMP


Executive Director and Secretary


HMUA received a Notice of Non-Compliance from the NJDEP on April 11, 2018 for failure to collect a set of ground water source samples for each positive total coliform result, two (2) total, in the distribution system on March 13, 2018.  Pursuant to the Revised Total Coliform Rule, ground water source samples are required for each positive total coliform result.  HMUA collected one (1) set of ground water source samples for all wells operating at the time of the positive total coliform result, and all samples came back negative for total coliform.  Per the rule, two (2) sets of ground water source samples were required to be taken.  A second set of ground water source samples was taken on June 27, 2019 with all results negative for total coliform. The second set of ground water source samples corrected the non-compliance. This does not pose a threat to the quality of our water supply, as the water is continually disinfected at each source.

Coliforms are bacteria that are naturally present in the environment and are used as an indicator that other, potentially-harmful, bacteria may be present. Whenever we detect coliform bacteria in any sample, we do follow-up testing to see if other bacteria or greater concern, such as fecal coliform or E. coli, are present.  We did not find any of these bacteria in our subsequent testing.

This is not an emergency. If it had been, water customers would have been notified immediately. You do not need to use an alternative water supply and do not need to boil your water or take other corrective actions. People with severely compromised immune systems, infants, pregnant women, and some elderly may be at increased risk of infection from microbes. These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. General guidelines on ways to lessen the risk of infection by microbes are available from EPA’s Safed Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791.


Please share this information with all other people who drink this water. You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail.  If you have any additional questions, please contact our office at 908-852-3622 and ask to speak to Frank Biank; or you may email us at  

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