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The HMUA is committed to providing the community with safe, clean drinking water and quality wastewater management, while maintaining the highest standards of customer service.


The HMUA is currently working on a water storage system upgrade project. The project will temporarily increase pressures in the system and cause fluctuations in water pressures at the tap for the duration of the project. This pressure increase may also cause some water main breaks in weaker areas of the system, requiring emergency shutdown of the water main in your area for repairs. Please understand that we are making every effort to avoid any service interruption and will work diligently to reduce the duration of interruptions. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the summer.

If you experience an unfortunate service interruption, when your water service is turned back on, you may experience some air in your lines or notice the water to be discolored. With some flushing of your plumbing fixtures, this discoloration should clear up. If this condition does not clear up, please contact our Business Office Day or Night and our personnel will respond.

Please be patient with us as we work to improve your water service. Feel free to contact the HMUA Business Office at 908-852-3622 with any questions or if we can be of further service.

Kathleen Corcoran, Executive Director

NOTICE - REGULAR MEETING OF 03/14/17 RESCHEDULED TO 03/16/17 March 13, 2017

Due to inclement weather, the Regular Meeting of the Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 14th at 7:00 P.M. has been canceled and rescheduled for 7:00 PM, Thursday, March 16th at the Jacob Garabed Administration Building located at 424 Hurley Drive in the Town of Hackettstown.


The NJDEP has placed 14 counties encompassing the northern, central and northern coastal areas of New Jersey under a drought warning due to ongoing precipitation deficits and deteriorating water-supply conditions.  Sussex and Warren counties rely primarily on groundwater and have been included in the warning because groundwater in this area is rated as extremely dry while precipitation and stream flows are rated as severely dry.

 The DEP offers the following tips to reduce water use:

    • At this time of year, it is appropriate to let your lawns go dormant.
    • Turn sprinkler systems off automatic timers.
    • Use a hose with a hand-held nozzle to water flowers and shrubs, or let them go dormant.
    • Use a broom to sweep the sidewalk, rather than a hose.
    • Wash vehicles with a bucket and do not run the hose more than necessary, or use a commercial car wash that recycles water.
    • To save water at home, fix leaky faucets and pipes. Consider replacing your toilet with a low-flow version; this can save around 11,000 gallons per year.
    • Upgrade your showerhead to low-flow versions, which can save some 7,700 gallons per year.
    • Upgrade your faucets or install faucet aerators; this can save some 16,000 gallons per year.

For more state water supply status information and to view the Administrative Order, visit:

For more detailed information on water conservation technologies and interesting facts, visit:

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